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Since 2006 we have been gradually reducing the carbon footprint of our premises. We have been operating on 100% renewable energy since 2010. We have been assessed and approved to hold the 14001 certification standard which relates to the environmental management guidelines for the manufacture and installation of specialist signs.

  • We are increasingly sourcing materials with significant recycled content for use in the manufacture of our products
  • PV solar panels approx 38.5kW system as of Jan 2016
  • 14001 accredited for the manufacture and installation of specialist signs
  • 2 solar water heating systems
  • 'Air Blades' installed
  • Insulation upgrade to premises
  • Replaced air conditioning with evaporative cooling system
  • Set up tax free cycle to work scheme
  • All our grid electricity is supplied from renewable sources
  • Rainwater harvesting facility installed
  • Renault Kangoo ZE 100% electric van acquired for local use April 2012
  • Awarded ISO 14001 (2011)
  • Awarded Carbon Trust Standard
  • Replacement LED floodlights to exterior
  • 199kW and 60kW biomass heating systems
  • New skylights fitted
  • All factory lighting now LED
  • All digital printing now latex or UV - No VOCs

Continue to increase our recycling activity (as of June 2010, 90%+ of our waste/by-products are recycled).
 Ensure all plant and equipment operates at maximum efficiency.
 Reduce fuel consumption of company vehicles.
 Recommending low energy sign illumination solutions to customers.
 Encourage suppliers & sub-contractors to join us in becoming more environmentally aware.


The Carbon Trust provides independent certification and assurance services that recognise real achievements in sustainability, identify improvement opportunities, enhance your reputation and build trust with customers.

Benson Signs reach 4th consecutive standard.